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Article By: Ashley Dragan

This past Wednesday on one of the prettiest, sunniest days in the fall, MODA hosted a Rummage sale, selling gently used clothing and accessories out by the flagpoles on campus to help raise money to put on our next coming fashion show. I missed the previous rummage sales this semester *guilty* so this time, I promised myself MUST. GO. TO. RUMMAGE. SALE. I got there right when they began to be sure I got my hands on all the good stuff.

And of course, had to take a pic with everyone who helped out that day. Each one of them sporting their GET MODAVATED t-shirts. Great work!

For more info, or to purchase tickets for our next coming fashion show “Luminesce” check out modawmu.info.

Stay MODAvated loves!

–❤Ashley Dragan