Article by Ashley Dragan

MODA puts on a Preview fashion show in the fall to help get the word out about our upcoming fashion show.

This show has been held at the Union Cabaret and Grille every year in the fall every since I have started college. I modeled in this show my freshman year, missed it my sophomore *pissed*, and now I’m back junior year as a model AND designer! (: *jumping around happily clapping*

Upon arrival, we went through fittings, make-up, line-up and quick change set up 1 hour before the show in a tiny unventilated room. Did we pull it off with style? DUHHH YES!!

The line-up of the night.

MODA Public Relations, Lance Brown and I.

MODA Vice President, Megan Lyles and I.

My designs! (including the one I’m wearing)

Desiree’s line

Lauren with some of the models

The lovely people who helped everything go smoothly backstage.

Model Hannah Neff

Monica Williamson modeling for Ashley Harris

Kevia McCowin modeling for Lauren Korolowicz

The MODA drink special of the night “MODAtini”. A mix including cranberry and vodka. Soo wish I was 21 already... 😦

Lance had big MODA flyers. GOOD IDEA.

People everywhere! Good turnout (:

Also, here is a short video I made of the event. Enjoy!:

Thanks to everyone who helped make this little preview show a success!
For more info, or to purchase tickets for our next coming fashion show “Luminesce” check out

Stay MODAvated loves!

–Ashley Dragan ❤