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Post by Ashley Dragan

Every year, MODA does a collaborative fashion show with other boutiques in downtown Kalamazoo. My freshman year it was at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, this year, it is at the Epic Center in downtown Kalamazoo. This show usually has a rather small audience with very refined taste in fashion.

So of course, I had a couple of my designs in the show. This time there was enough models for me so I was able to watch the show and be the photographer. (:

Tori and Alana ran the rehearsal and gave the models some tips on their model walk.

MODA even got a little blurb in the program for the show! Even MY name was in there! I was so happy I was jumping around clapping...in my mind of course.

As usual, in the tiny backstage room to do fittings and set the line-up.

Desiree, Nicole, Meagan, and I.

The "when-boredom-takes-over" picture ahaha!

The MODA-On-the-Go team!

The usual backstage craziness.

Our lovely MODA models for the night!

Lauren's design

Our MODA moment (:

Nicole in one of my designs.

Hannah in my other design.

And another thing about this look, I threw this design in the show at the last minute. I got a call the day after the show from Cakes Boutique. They have a customer that saw this dress in the show, and they want to buy it from me! So cool! BUT, it’s not for sale. MWAHAHA! *evil*

The final walk out of all the participants of the show.

All in all, the show was a success. But working in a quiet, little fashion show just makes me more excited for our big MODA show. The MODA fashion shows are always bigger and have louder music and lots of people.

Be sure to come see it November 18th and 19th at the Bernhard Center Ballroom 8:00pm! Till next time loves!