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Post by Ashley Dragan

Why is everyone else not as excited as I am about the advertising this semester!? This is insane. This is my 5th semester with MODA and I have never seen the show being advertised this much and this well. I’ll be shocked if the show isn’t sold out.

I write this blog post in the wee hours of the morning after I spent hours sewing. But I have been wanting so bad to blog about the publicity around campus, so I’ll sacrifice going to sleep even later to blog!

As usual, we have the tiny little flyers we hand out to people and leave all over tables. This time, printed on nicer paper than the regular printer paper we did in previous years.

The big flyers posted around campus. Standard.

It gets better. We’re already in the Weekend newspaper! OMG!

I’m soo happy we brought the big sign back. We did this a few semesters ago, on the corner of Stadium and Howard. Back then, it was a big deal because we just got it. Check it out! But don’t crash because you were looking at the sign more than the road.

This one blew me away. I was walking to class half asleep for my 9:00am class on a rainy, cold, gloomy day when I spotted this. I’m thinking WHERE AND HOW DID THIS GET HERE?

Had to take a self-portrait even though I look like a mess. And there was the awkward moment of people noticing me take a picture of myself. *innocent*

I still can’t wrap my mind around how well the members of MODA are doing. Advertising, I bet, is the best it has ever been. Big signs, posters, newspapers, even radio!

Stay tuned into radio station 102.1 on Friday, the 18th and Saturday, the 19th (days of the shows) for a 4-5 minute broadcast interview of members of MODA. Interview done by my close friend, and former MODA member, Jolene Khor. 2 of the interviewees being myself and our faculty advisor, Kelly Weathers. Time is to be determined, but I’ll let you know soon! I’m so nervous to find out what I sound like on the radio! :-/

Be sure to reserve your tickets for the show and visit modawmu.info to find out more information!

Bye loves!
Stay MODAvated

–Ashley Dragan