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Post by Ashley Dragan

You can’t say you’re not impressed with the show this semester.

So…it’s finally done. Now I can relax a little. In case you have been sleeping under a rock (or you’re a loser) and didn’t go, then you didn’t know the MODA fashion shows were this past weekend. I’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of feedback for the show. People say that this semester the designers had the most professional and clean outfits ever seen in MODA in a very long time. My friends who went to the show say that it was amazing. Some of my friends who arrived to the show late Saturday night say they couldn’t get in because it was sold out. SOLD OUT? All the feedback I’ve been getting about the show has filled me with a deep satisfaction. I’m not showing it because I’m really tired people! But inside, I’m very very happy.

We’re still waiting on receiving the professional pictures of the show. But for now, I can show you my crappy pics and the video of the final walk-out. I’m still waiting on the video of my line walking the runway, takes a damn long time to upload it! *impatient*

The lighting and design of the runway is my favorite so far as long as I've been in MODA. Clean, rich, and PURPLE.

Izzah modeling one of my designs.

Me and my line!

Me, happy as a clam (:

I posted a picture of the front page of Western Herald about 12 hours ago onto my facebook, and my phone is STILL blowing up with people liking and commenting on it. MODA made it to the front page! With a pic of my design on the front! I almost fainted when I first saw it.

I can’t make anyone feel the feelings or understand the thoughts I was having during the shows. This show by no means is a couture show, it’s NOT a Paris fashion show, we are STUDENTS AND THIS IS LEARNING…whenever I am involved in these fashion shows, I am genuinely happy and feel in my heart I have found my place in the world. Whenever I see my line walk down the runway, I am reminded that this is what I want to do with my life and how much I love it…and it’s a very good feeling. Hopefully my experience working with MODA and at WMU will help me get to where I want to be someday in the fashion industry.

I’ll be sure to post the video of my line walking out on the runway, once this %@#$%$! video gets done uploading! *impatiently waiting*Till next time loves!
❤–Ashley Dragan