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After 2 meetings the elite team of MODA has decided on this year’s spring fashion show: MODA Presents… “The Color Theory”. With a dynamic theme, they will showcase POPS of COLOR, geometric shapes and of course, an impeccable runway. As they get ready for an eventful semester of planning, fund-raising, designing, organizing, advertising, hosting events, and networking with businesses, this show will be nothing short of amazing! MODA’s spring fashion show will be held at the Radisson Hotel on April 13th & 14th which has served as the venue for many past shows. The Radisson has been a favored location for MODA’s fashion shows, mostly for its luxe vibe and tasteful amenities. Bound to be a sell-out, MODA will be starting advanced purchase for tickets in February. Favorite their site for more information: modawmu.info!

Spring Fashion Show: MODA Presents... "The Color Theory"