By Jessica Willis.

The queens of both music and fashion will have to keep a close watch on their thrones with Iggy Azalea on the rise. The 21 year old Australian raptress is creating quite a stir within the female hip hop movement. Iggy’s recent mix tape Ignorant Art displays her outlandish music styles, full of raw lyrics and catchy rhythms. The buzzing artist has recently joined fellow artists’ Lady Gaga and Eminem on the Interscope label and will be making her label debut in the near future with her album The New Classic.

If you are not impressed by Iggy’s work, her style will surely catch your attention. Her signature flying ponytail and bright makeup are only the foundation to this rising fashion goddess’ unique style. Iggy’s style is the perfect reflection of her bold attitude, always looking extravagant in anything from her colorful fitted ensembles to vintage tees. Iggy Azalea is high fashion mixed with street edge and who doesn’t love that? 

She is a for sure one to keep an eye on in both the music and fashion world.