By Jolene Khor.

From Miami to Panema City, looking fabulous in Florida is not an option. It is mandatory! Spring dressing may not be as fuss free as summer wear but that’s not a good reason to dress down just because the weather is warming up. A common misconception about fashion is that it’s a lot of work. Here’s proving that such is not the case.

Shift dresses were all the rage last spring, but like all classic trends, this one isn’t about to exit the fashion scene any time soon. The great thing about shift dresses is that if you find one that fits you well, very little needs to be done to get an outfit out of the dress.

To wear MODA’s spring 2012 fashion show theme, color-blocking, let the colors speak for themselves. Simple and cost-effective, working color blocking into your existing wardrobe should be breezy. With a well-fitting minimalist dress that already makes a statement, all you need is a vibrant pair of pumps and/or an equally fun clutch. And go crazy on your nails. Glitter, neon and (dare we say it) acrylic, this is where more is more!

1. Straight cut linen dress, Mango, $80

2. Mini Napa leather clutch, Milly, $235

3. Mermaid’s Dream nail color, Deborah Lippmann, $18

4. Almond shaped high heels, Mango, $150