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By Jessica Willis.

Meet the Board: FASHION SQUAD

MODA wouldn’t be fully functional without our great leaders on the executive board to organize, lead, and inspire its members. With total re-branding and bringing their unique personal touches, the savvy group has been on a mission to bring MODA to its full potential. MODA succeeds thanks to our hardworking E-board consisting of Tori Washington, Meagan Lyles, Tiara Carver, Arianna Dykstra, Ashley Harris, and Lance Brown.

Leading with style has never been so purposeful, when fashion is the topic of discussion. The E-board took out time from their busy schedules to answer a few questions to tell us what they love most about MODA, how they keep everything in order, and what they think is important to get the job done as an E-board member. 

Tori Washington-President

What is the best thing about MODA? It gives the small town of Kalamazoo a little taste of fashion. There are so many creative people on campus, who I could easily see in a big city but that’s not possible for everyone right now. MODA is a haven for those kids to go. When we all sit in that room – clothes, ideas, fashion don’t have any boundaries and there aren’t any weird stares or glances insinuating “what’re you wearing?!” That’s nice to have. And once the planning is over, we get to show Kalamazoo what a fashion show looks like.

How do you balance everything? Coffee. Lots of coffee. And my mom always tells me to just “buck up girlfriend.” I’ve also recently purchased a planner which always helps. E-Board is another way, you guys (they) really are my bookends in this whole thing.

What does it take to be an E-board member? Extreme personality disorder. Just kidding. I think it takes determination, organizational skills, being able to communicate and lead while also inspiring. As an e-board member I think it’s also good to be a little vulnerable and also be OK with that. Standing up in front of 50+ members on a Monday night after a long day is hard sometimes and having your name sit beneath whatever comes of the show is a vulnerable place to be; so to be strong in that state of flux is definitely needed… and a car.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Intense, Curious, Laughter

Meagan Lyles– Vice President

What is the best thing about MODA? MODA is limitless, which I feel is the best aspect about our organization. Whatever we dream to do, we make it our reality by using our creative abilities and resources. When we come together as a group its like one big fashion house comprised of an array of students with different talents. No doubt everyone is unique, but each and everyone has their own personality. Fashion is passion, an expressive outlet that MODA allows style, art, culture and people to come together.

How do you balance everything? First and foremost school is my main concern. Although it can be hard balancing classes, work and MODA for some reason having a busy life drives me to work harder. Its like when I’m doing various things, I thrive and when I’m not, it doesn’t fulfill me. The key is PLANNING, so I can maximize my time and not to leave out anything; plus, I live off Starbucks! It’s been a journey learning balance, but priority is myself – taking care of my body by healthy eating and exercise plays a crucial role. MODA is like working a full-time job, sometimes I have to make myself stop doing MODA work. I recall one year our executive board was working so hard, we all had the flu…and we still wouldn’t stop working. I’ve learned from then, trust me…

What does it take to be an E-board member? Being well-rounded is a great characteristic of a MODA e-board member. Leading an organization of over 80 people is not easy and it comes with the territory, but being positive and knowing what needs to get done helps. As I always say, teamwork makes the dream work! MODA is the type of organization that needs people who think “outside the box” while showing a sense of confidence. On past e-boards I always looked up to the fashion-savvy who were filled with personality!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Three words, that’s very hard because I have so many different characteristics, but….Bold, Creative, and Diverse!

Tiara Carver- Secretary

What is the best thing about MODA? The best thing about MODA is that you get the chance to see creativity at its best. And not just one committee has a say so, but every committee.

How do you balance everything? The way I balance everything is to make sure I stay looking in my trusty planner. I have a MODA planner and a life/school planner. My major is Apparel Merchandising so I’m surrounded by the works of fashion, which keeps me motivated to stay on top of everything!

What does it take to be an E-board member? Wow! To be an e-board member, you must first be fashion forward, not with the latest trends, but with your own sense of style. You also need to be very organized, business savvy, outgoing, and not afraid to get your hands dirty! As an e-board member you represent not just you, but an entire organization. Since we are the only fashion organization on campus, representation is key.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Funky, Reckless, Chic

Arianna Dykstra- Treasurer

What is the best thing about MODA? The best thing is connecting and networking with other students of WMU and business’s around the community who share the same LOVE for fashion!

How do you balance everything? Planning my days religiously! The key for me is giving myself planned out time for everything I dedicate myself to; two jobs, class & MODA!

What does it take to be an E-board member? I would say being organized is the best trait you could have to be on e-board! Be open to any new innovative ideas, fashion is always changing

Describe yourself in 3 words: Crazy..haha,  Optimistic, Dreamer

Ashley Harris- Executive Advisor

What is the best thing about MODA? The best thing about MODA is getting to know people within your major and with the same interests. Also, having people to critique your work and ask for help on your collection.

How do you balance everything? Balancing everything gets really hard. With being on e-board, WMU’s dance team, working and school I’ve learned to put my priorities first, sacrifice things, and I usually don’t sleep.

What does it take to be an E-board member? To be an e-board member I believe it takes a lot of confidence and ambition to get things done and manage all the people in the process of putting on the show. We deal with so many situations each day that it also takes a lot of patience.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Ambitious, Motivated, Ridiculous.

Lance Brown– Senior Public Relations

What is the best thing about MODA? The best thing about MODA is that it’s a totally new learning experience for anybody.  It’s a show constructed by an entire board of students.  Learning every aspect of the fashion world is another benefit of MODA; from styling, designing, PR and marketing we do it all.  That all boiled down, the best thing is the experience.

How do you balance everything? Well, in order to balance everything you need to have a precise schedule.  Being organized is another thing that one should do to be balanced.  Also schedule with some time for you, utilize every moment…those car rides, bus rides, breaks between classes are usually untapped sources of time.

What does it take to be an E-board member? It takes a leader to take on such a large task.  Someone who can take the reins.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Innovative, Passionate, and Realist.
The group can be contacted through the MODA website at http://www.MODAWMU.info.