By Jolene Khor.

Back from that fabulous vacation only to find that home is still a little bit chillier than you expected? Well I’ve got news for your glowing tan and sun-bleached tussle – you shouldn’t let the weather dictate what’s on your fashion palette!

You may have to keep those cotton dresses and sparkling bikinis hanging at the back of your closet but there’s no better time to keep your summer attire rested until July and welcome the beginning of spring.

The trench is no new trend but it is one that has stood the test of time. Beige may be classic but this March, try it in spicy red or even zesty orange. Cure your Monday blues with the clean lines of your favorite black hat, suede boots and a practical and fun purse. The best part is that you don’t have to get rid of it once the sun begins to emerge later this week – just wear the trench as a dress by accessorizing with a leather sash!

1. Double-breasted trench, Mango, $100

2. Evelyn hat, Parkhurst, $48

3. Candy satchel, Furla, $198

4. Lesley boots, Michael Kors, $295