By Jolene Khor.

The floral print is no stranger to spring. And this year, the trend is bigger and bolder than ever. In recent weeks, Hollywood’s most photographed trendsetters have been trotting around the globe in floral-printed pants. So, it’s time MODA share their secrets on how to sport the look in 4 different ways!

  • Matchy-matchy

Most of the time, floral prints have a few colors going on – that is what makes them so fun. An easy way to coordinate your outfit is to pick one or two colors from the prints and match your top, outerwear and accessories accordingly. Here, Jessica Alba who is wearing green, pink and orange prints carefully selects the rest of her outfit using those colors. Want to take it down a notch, you can skip the matching an item of your choice. This time, Jessica demonstrates that you can never go wrong with a black bag. 

  • Structure

It’s not always hard or soft, romantic or platonic. Life isn’t always either black or white, thus your outfit shouldn’t be either! Zoe Saldana shows us that the key to looking fabulous is finding that perfect balance. She pairs her pencil satin pants with a crisp well-fitted blazer that gives a little edge to her look. While the colors and the pattern are romantic, the strong-shoulder blazer gives this outfit a hint of masculinity it needs.

  • Urban

Refinery in dressing isn’t for everyone. The best part about fashion is that it doesn’t have to be. Our culture has enabled us to embrace different sartorial personalities, including the very hip urban style. The young, wild and free may not be a fan of rules and Beyonce Knowles’ get up embodies just that. Busy pants, busy belt, busy shoes. As hard as it may be to pull that off without looking like a hot mess, at the end of the day it’s all about having fun with it.

  • Unexpected

What makes a person stand out above everyone else? You can’t get to fashion stardom there by playing the rules or coloring within the box. Conformity may be safe but it’s not going to get you noticed. Unfortunately, if nobody notices what you are wearing, it matters little what you have worn. So embrace the unexpected like Olivia Palermo. While she gives a nod to one of spring’s hottest trends, she ups the ante by mixing prints, floral and animal. However, there is order in chaos if you look closely enough. Olivia made sure her purse was the same tone as her shoes and her top and jacket was uniform with the colors of her pants.

So what do you guys think? Are you ready to wear floral pants?