By Kaitlyn Mitchell.

Whether you saw the movie, read the book by Suzanne Collins, or simply can’t escape the hype, the costumes designed by Judianna Makovsky in The Hunger Games are bound to influence your fashion choices this summer.

Katniss’ dustbowl dress she sports to the Reaping (where she volunteers as a tribute for the games in place of her sister Primrose) will be a highly sought-after look this summer. The dress in the movie was made out of rayon, but it looks like light-wash denim. Denim beyond jeans is a huge trend this season, and will be very accessible from fast-fashion retailers soon.

Another outdoorsy look that is bound to explode onto campuses this spring is the anorak jacket trend, worn by Katniss during the games for an added layer of warmth. Katniss’ well-known hunting outfit with the mahogany leather jacket is already bound to be a popular Halloween costume for 2012, so be wary of copying the look completely – it may be cheesy in real life.

As for accessories, bird-themed jewelry inspired by Katniss’ Mockingjay pin is soaring off the shelves at local retailers. Not only do birds symbolize freedom from oppression, the animals have a stunning conformation that is aesthetically pleasing. This spring, look for delicate archery jewelry – a subtle reference to Katniss’ greatest survival skill.

What do you guys think? Are you inspired by Katniss Everdeen’s style on The Hunger Games? Whatever you decide, above all, may the fashionable odds ever be in your favor!