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By Jolene Khor.

As part of MODA’s Fashion Week, our last meeting and network opportunity took place in Downtown Kalamazoo’s very own Cakes Boutique. While sipping on wine and chatting away about the upcoming fashion show, some of MODA’s most stylish ladies posed a picture (or two!) for the style blog!

Model: Alexandra McLeod
Spot this gorgeous brunette on the runway this Friday and Saturday at
The Color Theory fashion show!

Model: Meghan Terbush
Meghan is one of the brains behind our amazing Public Relations team.
She’s one of the reasons why we sold out our Saturday show!

Model: Emily Swift
Pretty in a paisley maxi dress, Emily will also be modeling at the show.

Model: Alexandria Lombardo
Alexandria likes to shop at boutiques and borrow clothes from the men’s section. She describes her style as Bohemian Chic. We agree!

Model: Malu Palma
And finally, a face to put to the name of our very own
co-blog chair of the MODA Style Blog.


Special thanks to…
Ashley Daniels
Alexandra McLeod
Malu Palma