By Malu Palma.

Last week, I attended a party in which the organizers made t-shirts for all guests to wear as their attire of the event. Everyone was dressed similarly in jeans, the party shirt and sneakers. Among an enormous group of people with black t-shirts, someone in particular called my attention: Robert Waisamen.

Stylish men in Kalamazoo can be a rare sighting. Robert used color blocking, showing it is also a trend for guys! His printed scarf and the transformation of his social pants into a capri, made the look more informal and cool. His Sperry-esque shoes also contributed to the overall relaxed tone of the outfit.

I’m amazed by how little details like his hair, the gold buttons in the jacket and his smoking pipe built such a unique style! Everyone should be inspired to take more risks when dressing up. Use your creativity and try something new today!