By Malu Palma

Sun, heat and fun are the best words to describe summer! School is over and everyone just wants to enjoy their summer vacation. During the summer, the best things to do in Kalamazoo are the pool parties happening around the town. From what I heard, they are awesome!

In a pool full of people, you don’t want to be just one more girl wearing the ordinary bikinis, do you?  Bet on your high-waisted shorts with the top part of your bikini. Worked out for that enviable beach bod? Now is the time to show off your hard work!

You can always go for long shirts and the bottom part of the bikini. Wearing a sophisticated top gives a glamorous/relaxed feeling to your outfit. Good for the ones more confident about their legs than their bellies.

Want to wear both? Go for denim shorts and colorful shirts or accessories. It is always good to add some color during the summer.

One of my favorite choices are the long/flowy skirts or dresses. You can go from the pool to a restaurant with no problem. The combination is chic and gorgeous! Transparents are a trend and function with the heat!

As for the accessories, don’t forget about the flip flops. They are your best choice when it comes to shoes-next-to-water situations.  You can find really cute prints and different types of them.

A tip: Havaianas. They are from Brazil and you can find it all around the US at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and more. Here is the website: . They come in different colors, shapes, prints and even with Swarovski diamonds. All the celebrities have a pair.

Outshine your look with a combination of hats and sun glasses. There is nothing fancier than a Panama hat and some big lens!

Rock your pool parties with different outfits rather than the regular bikini + towel. Remember: You can never be overdressed. Not even at the pool or at the beach.

Enjoy your summer!