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By Jolene Khor

MODA Style Blog editors, Malu and I are on opposite sides of the globe this summer. I am in Asia, Singapore to be exact and Malu is in South America. Brazil is her hometown. While this is an American blog, we hope to bring you trends from all around the world, not that exotic fashion is anything new to America.

The collar is a big trend in Asia, but surprisingly I haven’t seen many embrace it before I jet off for the summer. I had a tough time finding them when I was shopping in Chicago as well as major fashion retailers online (eBay doesn’t count!).

Here are some that I found online…

Left – Right
ASOS Gold Sequin Collar, $26
ASOS Pearl Collar, $35
ASOS Pearl and Diamante Collar, $26
Pieces Florida Beaded Collar, $31

Collars work as a necklace over a top or dress, but they embellish your outfits better than statement necklaces ever will. Popular retailers like H&M and Zara has many options of shirts with embellished collars but detachable collars offer more versatility and room for originality.

Like this…

What do you think? I for one have already been wearing collars. Check out my look here. Will you wear collars? Tell us below!