By Malu Palma.

As promised, I came back to show another facet of the fashion shows during SPFW. Today we will see a little bit about hair and make up from the most interesting and curious looks to possible summer trends.

To start, the most innovative hair style I saw through the fashion shows. The brand Animale had a collection inspired by African safaris and because of that they dyed their models hairs to look like animal hair and prints. Different yet stylish!

Now, Trend Alert! Curly, natural hair will be high this summer season! One of the designers had their models make perms and another one chose huge curly wigs. No more straightener for you, girls!

Ronaldo Fraga chose to use some crazy hair trappings that remind me of snakes. Maybe a Medusa style for next season?

The brand Movimento opted for a twisted hair up style combined with a simple, angelical make up. The models looked really delicate and sophisticated!

As for the make up, the majority of the brands in these two first days of the event chose the natural look. The make up was so soft that it seemed like the models had nothing on their faces. Wide open eyes, pinkish nude lips, plain skin, those are the next beauty trends!

Like the look? Here are some product tips! Those two lipsticks mixed together are the exact same ones used in the model.

Coming along with the natural look, stronger/bright color lipsticks were also used. But always keeping the eyes really plain and open.

The red lipstick also came strong this season! Different tones of red, all combined with mascara only. Get the look:

Choosing a different path, the brand Ellus went for the strong eyes/no lips look. The black eye shadow was used in a square form, a very modern look. Bet on the same look with the products used:

I hope you guys can get some ideas from this post and apply them in your daily lives! Summer is here and I bet you don’t want to be out of the latest trends, right?

That’s it for now! I will come back later this week with more of our SPFW Marathon!


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