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By Jessica Willis

A blog, a book, and now a film; Ari Seth Cohen presents the wise women of a certain age in a fashion realm that are too often neglected. Advanced style presents the real street style fashionistas who get dressed in the morning, not for others, but simply for themselves. Seasons and trends change. And as we rush to get our hands on the latest fads, these women are busy flaunting their true style as an art form, displaying who they are and how they feel with panache and charisma.

Through his blog, book, and future film, Ari Seth Cohen presents women ranging in age from fifty to one hundred who are truly fantastic and help inspire new views of aging and style.

Through advanced style, Cohen is working to shine a new light on the women of advanced age. Growing old doesn’t have to be about grey hair and wearing Velcro loafers. The women in advanced style may have an aged body but their spirit is young. Ari Seth Cohen and the fashion world are taking notice of these women and so should anyone who loves fashion, creativity, or fun.

Thanks to the exposure of advanced style, 82 year old Jacquie Murdock has become a new face of the Lanvin campaign, and looks amazing!

When the street style looks of beautiful twenty something year olds in the latest edgy trends start to seem a bit cliché, check out the women of advanced style, they are breath of fashion fresh air. Make sure to watch this advanced style trailer and keep an eye out for the advanced style documentary!


All pictures belong to advancedstyle.blogspot.com