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By Niquoya Brown

In search for that perfect back-to-school hair that is equal parts classic and cool? Look no further! One of the beauty trends that emerged a couple years ago and never really went away is the ombre, or as some call it, dip dye hair. This hair trend is fun to look at and play with in different colors and looks.

A few of our favorite celebrities, like Teyana Taylor and Demi Lovato, have bravely taken the style plunge, going as far as dyeing their summer locks teal and pink respectively.

Of course, while young starlets dare to go bold, style veterans such as Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker are chic in their own rights, sticking to a more subtle but classier shades of blonde. Very fall-appropriate!

You may attempt this at home, DIY style by watching numerous videos on YouTube and doing your research on various website. However, to avoid risking style points on first day of class with a skunk-like highlights, we recommend going to a trusted professional hair stylist to take care of your new ‘do.

So what do you think? Are you up for this hair style? Vote below!