By Jolene Khor

Welcome back, fashionistas! We are all ecstatic to meet new faces and reunite with old ones at the first MODA meeting of the new school year. To commemorate what will be a great year for us, here’s an exclusive interview with the new executive board!

Jessica Willis, Secretary
Teleshia Parker, Treasurer
Chloe Reinhart, Vice President
Arianna Dykstra, President
Meghan Terbush, Public Relations
Christina Chatman, Executive Advisor

What is going to excite you most about being in the executive board?
Christina: Seeing our ideas come to live! We always had ideas and now we can put our ideas forward, collaborate and see the end result of the shows.
Arianna: I’m excited because I know a lot of the girls are going to be really driven to get their ideas out there.
Meghan: I cannot wait to see the end result of the show and for the people we’re donating to. I just love that feeling of giving back to people.
Teleshia: We’re different but we come from the same passion. We want to see MODA succeed, we want to see it grow. I’m excited about all the things we’re going to do to bring MODA to the next level.

What does MODA mean to you?
Arianna: I think it’s a good source of networking, meeting people and socializing. You really learn the trade of what you want to do in fashion as your career, be in in planning, designing…
Teleshia: We have to balance school, and MODA. We learn to balance our work and out home. It’s also a stepping stone that gets you prepared so you know what you’re going into [upon graduation].
Chloe: We learn a lot in our classes but working hands on in MODA has helped me learn so much more in the fashion world and what I want my career to be.
Christina: We help you develop your professionalism. Even when you put on a ‘getMODAvated’ t-shirt you’re representing someone other than yourself.

What are the changes you want to see in MODA?
Meghan: I want to see members connect with everyone. I want us to collaborate and get to know each other. That’s what the organization is about – getting to know people, improving your skills.
Arianna: I want us to branch outside of MODA, do more with Greek organizations and other RSOs.
Chloe: Because by doing that we’ll bring in a lot more people to MODA.
Arianna: As much as we think MODA is big a lot of people really still don’t know about us so we want all of WMU to know.
Teleshia: A lot of people know about us [and are interested] but it somehow seems like we’re unattainable.
Arianna: That’s why recruiting is going to a really big thing this year.

What are some fun reactions from strangers about the fashion shows?
Jessica: People are really surprised that we make the clothes from scratch!
Meghan: I was walking to class one day and heard people say, “Oh my god did you see the MODA show last weekend? They did such a good job!”
Teleshia: People ask me if I was there at the show and I was like, “Was I there? Are you kidding?”

Don’t forget to attend MODA’s first mixer and meeting of the 2012-2013 school year!

When: September 10, 7 p.m.
Where: Bernhard Center, Room 157