By Kaitlyn Mitchell.

This week MODA caught up with stylish student Chanel Taylor, a Junior at WMU with a major in Social Studies and Secondary Education and a Minor in History.

Describe your personal style.

“My personal style is what I’d like to call “Whatever Is Clean”, but I guess most people would call it Girly-Hipster just because of my love of skinny cords, combat boots, and my prized Hello Kitty Earrings. I like to dress up while also being weather appropriate and comfortable. No fashion trend is worth my discomfort. I also try to dress for my body type, I’ve got curves and I think they’re beautiful, so I show them off. Currently, I’m obsessed with lipstick of any color and I believe there’s no event where lipstick is inappropriate. Lipstick can just make an outfit. My style icons would definitely include Solange Knowles because she’s not afraid to try new things and mix patterns, and Audrey Hepburn because, I mean, she’s classic. Effortless beauty and comfort is what I always aim for and I like to think I achieve it most days!”

Look #1:

Sweater – Old Navy

Leggings – Kohl’s

Glasses – Prescription, Men’s Frame

Hat – Payless

Look #2:

Floral Pants – Kohl’s

Denim Vest – Walmart (Chanel cut off the sleeves of the jacket and sandpapered the edges of the armholes for a weathered look – how creative!)

Scarf – Target

Shoes – DSW

Earrings – Citi Trends

Look #3 (Chanelle calls it “Granny Chic”):

Sweater – H&M

Shoes – Marshall’s

Hat – Forever 21

Coat – Dillard’s

Thanks to Chanelle for showing us how student fashionistas can still be original on a budget!