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By Alexandra McLeod 

Much time and hard work goes into every element of the Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association fashion shows. Here is an exclusive peek at the set design and construction from the fall 2012 Concrete Jungle fashion show.

MODA member Alexandra McLeod caught up with Cassandra Stagner, a film and art student here at Western Michigan University, who created two gorgeous canvas pieces that were placed on stage for the show. She made both pieces using only spray and acrylic paints. They looked absolutely fabulous under the stage lighting. The MODA e-board gave Stagner full creative license to complete this project: “They told me, you’re the artist, do what you need to do,” said Stagner.

Since the theme of the show was “Concrete Jungle,” she used a combination of different street art styles to create the panels. 


AM: Did you have an idea in your head before you began?

CS: I had to take it as it came, if that makes sense, because using spray paint is difficult without stencils …to get the correct shapes I wanted… then I just went at it like a crazy person.


AM: Where did your inspiration come from?

CS: I have an obsession with art – everything I look at, I get ideas for art pieces.  I’m inspired by everything I see.


AM: How long did it take to complete each panel?

CS: The first one took me about nine hours because I didn’t know what I was going to do, and then the second one took about four hours.


AM: You did it all outside?

CS: Yes, if God hadn’t changed the weather for those two days for me to get those panels done, there was no way I could have gotten them done.


Stagner’s panels were featured on set at the MODA Concrete Jungle shows on November 16 and 17. The breathtaking graffiti art pieces received rave reviews from audience members.