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By Nicole Davenport 

Sustainability is a trending word throughout the fashion world right now.  More and more often, clothing companies are dreaming up creative ideas to incorporate sustainable practices into their businesses.  Check out these different ways fashionable companies are bringing out the eco in all of us!


Levi’s new jean collection is called Waste<Less and is made out of PET plastic bottles and food trays.  By reducing the effects on the environment, these jeans have become extra stylish! Check out the collection here.


Lands’ End has a garden growing at their corporate headquarters, along with an orchard and compost.  One of many movements to increase environmental awareness! Learn more about their efforts here.


H&M decreases the amounts of textiles that are dumped in landfills or incinerated by donating millions of garments to charities in countries where they operate. Learn more about H&M’s humanitarian policy here.


United Kingdom retailer Marks & Spencer opened the largest sustainable eco store ever near Liverpool in August 2012.  The building has a holistic atmosphere, being the first retail store to have a 100% FSC-certified glulam roof and also the first to use hemp and lime external wall panels which have excellent insulation properties. Explore Marks & Spencer’s Cheshire Oaks store here.


American Apparel is one of the few companies that can brag about being 100% sweatshop free. In addition, all of their garments are made in their factory in California, and all of their full-time employees are provided health insurance. Learn more about their revolutionary business model here.


Many people have no idea where their ready-to-wear apparel is made. The textile industry in foreign countries can be very dirty, with corrupt practices inflicting severe dangers to employees’ personal livelihoods. Progressive companies that are proud of their humanitarian and environmental impact may have higher product prices, but in turn they leave a much smaller eco-footprint. The industry is evolving!