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By Mel Hudson. 
Do you ever look at a piece of furniture and want to do something new to it? Although paint can always satisfy your need for change, collage art allows you to add your own unique and personal style to just about any piece of wood furniture. If you’re anything like me and you can’t seem to part with your old magazines, this will be a relatively inexpensive project!
Things you’ll need:
– Modge Podge (Usually only one unless you are covering a very large piece).
– A piece of wooden furniture of some sort (Or just a piece of wood to make wall art).
– Lots of magazine clippings!! Sheet music and other paper without any kind of gloss finish will work as well.
– Cut out your pictures
– Paint on the Modge Podge in small portions and then carefully lie the photo of your choice on
– Then just layer and add more photos to create the collage you desire!
Be Creative 🙂
Here are some photos of things I have collaged:
I also collaged a set of drawers:
And even an old guitar with some old sheet music!
Once everything is dried and all the photos you wanted are in place, you’ll have yourself a revamped piece of furniture that no one else will ever have!