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By Hannah Ball. 

I sat down with designer Jacob Whitman, a sophomore MODA member. Whitman won the Best Avant Garde award at the 2012 Concrete Jungle MODA fashion show. We talked about awards, style, and waking up as the opposite gender. Here’s what he had to say!


MODA: So this is your second year in MODA?

JW: Yes.

MODA: What inspires you?

JW: I get inspired by words and the connotation of words and when words play against each other and tell a story. I’m not really inspired by visual things.


MODA: Which celebrity has your favorite style?

JW: Lady Gaga. She tells a story with her clothes and it’s a different style to everyone.

MODA: Who’s your favorite designer?

JW: My favorite designer is Alexander McQueen, hands down. I am actually him. I’m him reincarnated.

MODA: Do you have a specific award you want to win?

JW: I want to win most cohesive because I was pushing myself to be inspired by visual things. I want [my line] to make more sense to others and be more cohesive.


MODA: Where’s your favorite place to be creative?

JW: Anywhere in public. You can hear things and it’s where you judge people and that’s where you get a variety of words.

MODA: Describe your style.

JW: My style is tastefully gay in every genre.

MODA: If you woke up as the opposite gender, what is the first thing you would do?

JW: I would dress myself. I don’t want to look at that.


Whitman’s line will no doubt be spectacular and we wish him all the best!